Loyalty Help Page


Loyalty Programs can be simple or very complex. Our program was designed to give you the flexability to manage your loyalty program in conjuntion with your marketing plans and change as you implement new promotions.


The top part of the screen shows the loyalty program name and description you chose when you created the program.

To give you the flexability, use the "Rules" options, they include points rules, reward rules, and prize rules.


The different rules explained.


Points rules are how you assign a value for the customer transactions. For example, if you want to reward the dollar amount of their purchase, you would add a points rule that the transaction would reward one or more points per dollar spent. If you wanted to just reward points per visit, you would have a rule awarding points for each visit. There is more information on the points help screen.
You don't have to have a rule for points for each visit if you have a reward that is granted by the number of visits.


Rewards are earned with every visit and points. Build a table of rewards that are earned by points or visits.

  1. When a reward is granted by points, the customer must choose that reward once they have reached the number of points that is specified.

  2. When a reward is granted by visits, it is automatically awarded when the number of visits is fullfilled.                     For example, if you grant a free cup of coffee for every five visits, then, on the fifth visit, the customer will earn a free cup of coffee.


Prizes are specials that you want to offer to everyone. A prize option works where the card is swiped and awarded a prize, regardless of amount of visits.

You specify how many prizes will be offered and at what frequency. Alternativly, you can program the system to assign the prize award times randomly.
For example, if you want to reward the 500th loyalty customer visit with a 10,000 points, then you can set up a prize that is awarded on the 500th visit. Or, you could set it up that every 25th loyalty visitor will get a free chocolate bar.