• EASY SET UP, EASY TO USE  All you need is a computer, a USB port & an internet connection.

  • NO FEES No per transaction or swipe fees. You keep all the Gift Card profits.

  • SECURITY This system was designed around the PCI standards for credit card processing. The card numbers are encrypted before going into the database as well as encrypting much of the card holder information so that user privacy is preserved. Password protected and clerk ID for every transactions.

  • REPORTS Simple reporting to track transactions.

  • SUPPORT  Chat or phone support.

Optional items to complete your program.

  • PROMOTIONAL TOOLS - Signs, Banners, Tents, displays, Brochures & Marketing... ALL you need for success!

  • MERCHANDISING presenters, racks, displays, table tents & more.


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kaloob© Lite                                                          $300

software alone, includes 1 year support.

​Quick Start package                                             $600
kaloob© Lite with 1 USB card reader,  200 custom scan cards.

Gift Program package                                          $800
kaloob© Lite with 1 USB card reader, 300 custom scan cards and

300 stock gift card holders.

Complete system                                                        Call for Pricing
*Computer, kaloob© Lite, 1000 custom scan cards and 1000 stock gift card holders, VG-4 counter-top display, 1-magnetic stripe card reader.

(Refurbished or new computer available, call for details)

Magnetic card reader                                           $99

Bar Code Reader                                                   $199

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kaloob© Online

Ideal for the multi-store environment. when you want to honor Gift Cards at all your locations.

kaloob© online is a power, yet inexpensive solution to your Gift card program.

It is also available in our Gift/Loyalty/Rewards program.


Computer with available USB port, internet connection and a browser is required. Magnetic stripe reader (MSR) or bar code reader required.

gift card, gift program software
kaloob© Lite

A stand alone software for the single store environment.


It may be Lite, but kaloob© Lite pack a powerful punch.

Requirements are a PC running Win 7 or lower, an available USB port and a magnetic stripe card or bar code reader.

You can be up and running in 45 minutes or less!

kaloob© Mobile

Finally a gift card program that's affordable, powerful and easy to use!










kaloob© Lite

Screen Shots

We have everything you need to start an effective gift card program and start making money!

573-234-4738​ or info@kaloob.us

Currently available in two versions.
573-234-4738 or info@kaloob.us